The Benefits of Buying Furniture From a Consignment Shop

consigning-4Buying furniture straight from the showroom floor is easy. You pay the listed price and it arrives at your house looking flawless and new.

Consignment shopping, meanwhile, can feel like a risk or an awesome adventure. Consignment stores can be an excellent place to find antiques, gently used furniture and one of a kind d├ęcor at discount prices. They are also a good place to off load pieces you do not want anymore.

Consignment shopping is not only perfect for those looking to watch their budget, it is perfect for those seeking the thrill of the unknown. You can find vintage items that you would never find in your local furniture store and at amazingly low prices.

At Gillette Furniture Consignment we have every type of furniture available from living room, bedroom, dining room and office pieces for your home. Whether your style is casual, traditional, or contemporary, we have timeless pieces that will look beautiful in your home and suit your needs. Continue reading The Benefits of Buying Furniture From a Consignment Shop

Helpful Tips When Shopping for Consignment Furniture

IMG_5756_webWith a good eye and sometimes a great deal of patience you can furnish or decorate your home at a small fraction of the price of the cost of new retail. Here are a few points to keep in mind when shopping for furniture at a consignment store.

Always Have A shopping List
Keep a list of what you are looking for. If you are looking for a dining table, know the dimensions of the space and the measurements for the entryway access. You want to make sure you can get the item into the room, hallway and front door. And always allow room for chairs.

Look For Craftsmanship
A luxurious, quality sofa can be a great buy. Designer brands and high-end sofas are usually handmade of properly dried hardwoods and use eight-way hand-tied seat construction rather than a drop-in spring. These sofas are worth investing in and reupholstering in quality materials. Continue reading Helpful Tips When Shopping for Consignment Furniture