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Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

small-spaceWhen the time comes to downsize your living arrangement, you have to make some changes to your current décor to make the transition a smooth one. Selling furniture paves the way for newer, smaller pieces that work better with your new space.

Get Rid Of Big, Bulky Pieces
There is no reason to waste a lot of space on a huge couch or bed when you have limited square footage. Instead of paying to move large pieces to the new space, consider selling them at the consignment store. This way you can earn some extra money for the move and have some fun decorating with new pieces. Continue reading Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

Preparing Furniture for Consignment

consigning-furnitureConsigning furniture is a great way to make some extra money when you are clearing out a room. When you are ready to overhaul your current décor, use the following steps to sell your furniture as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Ask Obvious Questions
Would I want to buy this? Are there any untreatable stains? As an alternative donate any furniture that have seen better days. Continue reading Preparing Furniture for Consignment

Furniture Consignment: Achieve a One of a Kind Look

furnitureWhen shopping for furniture and accessories with which to create a home décor, you should focus your search on pieces that reflect your personality. If you want your interior design to be unlike any other, you should find pieces that complement your personal style. Use the following tips to choose decorative features that give you a completely unique home décor:

Have An Open Mind To Different Styles
Mixing and matching furniture styles helps you create a distinctly unique foundation onto which you can add fun and stylish accessories. Do not feel like you have to limit yourself to buying one style of furniture. Buy what you love and build your collection as you go. Let your creative vision wander freely as you browse through the consignment furniture store and buy pieces from a wide variety of genres. Continue reading Furniture Consignment: Achieve a One of a Kind Look

Furniture Consignment: Sell Your Unwanted Furniture

bar-cornerIf you have unused or unwanted furniture taking up space in your home, it may be time to get rid of them. Selling unwanted furniture is a great way to make some extra money. A consignment store makes selling your unwanted furniture easy, but selling on your own may lead to some problems.

You Do Not Have To Make Online Ads
Creating an online ad takes time and energy that you might not have. Instead of spending a lot of time checking emails to find a reputable buyer, you can take your belongings to the consignment store and let them handle selling it.

Dealing With Low Offers
You know how much your items are worth. Consignment stores also know how much they can expect to make from different types of home goods. Online buyers may not know how much your items are worth, which is why they will try to make low offers when expressing interest. Get a fair amount for your items by selling them through a consignment store. Continue reading Furniture Consignment: Sell Your Unwanted Furniture

The Benefits of Buying Furniture From a Consignment Shop

consigning-4Buying furniture straight from the showroom floor is easy. You pay the listed price and it arrives at your house looking flawless and new.

Consignment shopping, meanwhile, can feel like a risk or an awesome adventure. Consignment stores can be an excellent place to find antiques, gently used furniture and one of a kind décor at discount prices. They are also a good place to off load pieces you do not want anymore.

Consignment shopping is not only perfect for those looking to watch their budget, it is perfect for those seeking the thrill of the unknown. You can find vintage items that you would never find in your local furniture store and at amazingly low prices.

At Gillette Furniture Consignment we have every type of furniture available from living room, bedroom, dining room and office pieces for your home. Whether your style is casual, traditional, or contemporary, we have timeless pieces that will look beautiful in your home and suit your needs. Continue reading The Benefits of Buying Furniture From a Consignment Shop

Helpful Tips When Shopping for Consignment Furniture

IMG_5756_webWith a good eye and sometimes a great deal of patience you can furnish or decorate your home at a small fraction of the price of the cost of new retail. Here are a few points to keep in mind when shopping for furniture at a consignment store.

Always Have A shopping List
Keep a list of what you are looking for. If you are looking for a dining table, know the dimensions of the space and the measurements for the entryway access. You want to make sure you can get the item into the room, hallway and front door. And always allow room for chairs.

Look For Craftsmanship
A luxurious, quality sofa can be a great buy. Designer brands and high-end sofas are usually handmade of properly dried hardwoods and use eight-way hand-tied seat construction rather than a drop-in spring. These sofas are worth investing in and reupholstering in quality materials. Continue reading Helpful Tips When Shopping for Consignment Furniture