Essential Pieces for a Small Living Space

small living spaceDecorating a small room can pose many unique challenges. But as shocking as it seems, small spaces are often easier to decorate than large. Below are some helpful tips for choosing furniture for a small space.

Look For Smaller Furniture
Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to furniture. Large pieces take up a lot of space and can easily make a room feel overcrowded. Selecting smaller pieces is a simple way to make size room feel and appear larger than it is. Choose furniture that will work for your space, style preferences, and hobbies.

A Small Dining Table
Add a small dining table to your interior design as soon as you can to create a comfortable place to sit and eat. A smaller piece with two-four chairs is generally the best option for an apartment, but it depends on the amount of square footage in your home.

Find Innovative Storage
One of the hardest aspects of decorating a small living space is balancing style with storage. If you have too much furniture, you may not have room to store items. Solve this problem by looking for innovative pieces that allow you to store items while also showing off your style.

Choose Pieces With Multiple Uses
Multi-functional furniture is a must for anyone living in a small space. These pieces make it easy to create two or more rooms in just one part of your home. Look for desks that can also serve as tables, seats that provide storage, and other pieces that can be used multiple ways.

Avoid Dark Colors
The colors in your home help determine how spacious each room feels. Dark colors may be appealing, but they can also make a space appear smaller and more crowded. Stick to furniture with lighter colors and keep the darker shades for accessories.

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