Living Room Furniture Remodel Tips

IMG_5784_webIf you have grown tired of the old, outdated look of your living room. Making over the space does not have to be challenging, nor does it have to be costly. You can find everything you need for your renovations at Gillette Furniture Consignment.

Consider Your Lifestyle
When looking for furniture for a living room remodel, make sure choose furniture to fit your lifestyle and the everyday activities that will take place in the room. If you have rambunctious little ones or many pets, then refrain from choosing a sofa that might show signs of wear easily. To accommodate frequent guests or your weekly book club or sports night buddies, make sure to invest in plenty of seating so everyone is comfortable.

Pick A Color Palette
Establishing a color palette before will help you find the perfect furniture for your living room remodel. Think about what type of mood you want to create in the space if you are unsure of what hues to highlight in the living room. Keep in mind that you can always add splashes of color to furniture pieces using accessories like pillows, area rugs, drapes and lamps.

Be Budget Savvy
It is easy for homeowners to get the temptation to splurge when remodeling a living room. If you want to create the maximum impact in the space without breaking the bank, then do all of your shopping at Gillette Furniture Consignment. You will get the best selection of gently used, name brand pieces at a fraction of the normal retail price.

Once you have created a color palette for your living room and are ready to shop for furniture, come visit Gillette Furniture Consignment. We carry a variety of furniture styles and designs all at unbeatable prices. To find out how we can help you save without sacrificing on style, call us at 860-436-4663.