Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

small-spaceWhen the time comes to downsize your living arrangement, you have to make some changes to your current décor to make the transition a smooth one. Selling furniture paves the way for newer, smaller pieces that work better with your new space.

Get Rid Of Big, Bulky Pieces
There is no reason to waste a lot of space on a huge couch or bed when you have limited square footage. Instead of paying to move large pieces to the new space, consider selling them at the consignment store. This way you can earn some extra money for the move and have some fun decorating with new pieces.

Furniture That Fits
Once you have sold your old furniture, it is time to buy new furniture to fill the space. Take measurements of your new home or apartment and bring them with you when you shop. If you know your limitations when shopping, it makes it much easier to choose pieces that really complement your space and meet all of your needs.

Make It Multi-Functional
Furniture for small living spaces should have more than one purpose. In other words, make your furnishings work overtime. In the living room, consider ottomans that open up and double as storage space. Choose a coffee table with drawers for stashing away remotes and reading materials or select one with open shelves for displaying favorite works of art. Use stools as side tables and additional seating when you have guests.

Reflect On It
Mirrors open up your space. Try a decorative mirror, instead of artwork, over a fireplace. Or if you have a large empty wall, hang or lean a mirror against it to radiate the natural light coming in from outside.

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